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Barruet E, Garcia SM, Striedinger K, Wu J, Lee S, Byrnes L, Wong A, Xuefeng S, Tamaki S, Brack AS, Pomerantz JH
Functionally heterogeneous human satellite cells identified by single cell RNA sequencing.
eLife, Apr-01-2020;[epublish]9:.
Trentesaux C, Striedinger K, Pomerantz JH, Klein OD
From gut to glutes: The critical role of niche signals in the maintenance and renewal of adult stem cells.
Current opinion in cell biology, Apr-2020;63:88-101.
Ko J, Pomerantz JH, Perry H, Shieh JT, Slavotinek AM, Oberoi S, Klein OD
Case Report of Floating-Harbor Syndrome With Bilateral Cleft Lip.
The Cleft palate-craniofacial journal : official publication of the American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association, Jan-2020;1:132-136.
Balkin DM, Poranki M, Forester CM, Dorsey MJ, Slavotinek A, Pomerantz JH
TASP1 mutation in a female with craniofacial anomalies, anterior segment dysgenesis, congenital immunodeficiency and macrocytic anemia.
Molecular genetics & genomic medicine, 09-2019;9:e818.
Nguyen AB, Grimes B, Neuhaus J, Pomerantz JH
A Cross-sectional Study of the Association between Homelessness and Facial Fractures.
Plastic and reconstructive surgery. Global open, Jun-2019;[epublish]6:e2254.
Wong A, Pomerantz JH
The Role of Muscle Stem Cells in Regeneration and Recovery after Denervation: A Review.
Plastic and reconstructive surgery, 03-2019;3:779-788.
Davies MR, Garcia S, Tamaki S, Liu X, Lee S, Jose A, Pomerantz JH, Feeley BT
Muscle stem cell activation in a mouse model of rotator cuff injury.
Journal of orthopaedic research : official publication of the Orthopaedic Research Society, 05-2018;5:1370-1376.
Garcia SM, Tamaki S, Lee S, Wong A, Jose A, Dreux J, Kouklis G, Sbitany H, Seth R, Knott PD, Heaton C, Ryan WR, Kim EA, Hansen SL, Hoffman WY, Pomerantz JH
High-Yield Purification, Preservation, and Serial Transplantation of Human Satellite Cells.
Stem cell reports, 03-13-2018;3:1160-1174.
Niethamer TK, Larson AR, O'Neill AK, Bershteyn M, Hsiao EC, Klein OD, Pomerantz JH, Bush JO
EPHRIN-B1 Mosaicism Drives Cell Segregation in Craniofrontonasal Syndrome hiPSC-Derived Neuroepithelial Cells.
Stem cell reports, 03-14-2017;3:529-537.
Cho GJ, Wang F, Garcia SM, Viner J, Hoffman WY, McDermott MW, Pomerantz JH
Recalcitrant Invasive Skin Cancer of the Scalp: Combined Extirpation and Microsurgical Reconstruction Without Cranioplasty.
The Journal of craniofacial surgery, Mar-2017;2:325-330.
Garcia SM, Tamaki S, Xu X, Pomerantz JH
Human Satellite Cell Isolation and Xenotransplantation.
Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.), 2017;1668:105-123.
Hesse RG, Kouklis GK, Ahituv N, Pomerantz JH
The human ARF tumor suppressor senses blastema activity and suppresses epimorphic tissue regeneration.
eLife, Nov-17-2015;[epublish]4:.
Xu X, Wilschut KJ, Kouklis G, Tian H, Hesse R, Garland C, Sbitany H, Hansen S, Seth R, Knott PD, Hoffman WY, Pomerantz JH
Human Satellite Cell Transplantation and Regeneration from Diverse Skeletal Muscles.
Stem cell reports, Sep-08-2015;5(3):419-34.
Balkin DM, Chen I, Oberoi S, Pomerantz JH
Bilateral Coronoidectomy by Craniofacial Approach for Hecht Syndrome-Related Trismus.
The Journal of craniofacial surgery, Sep-2015;6:1954-6.
Tamaki S, Nye C, Slorach E, Scharp D, Blau HM, Whiteley PE, Pomerantz JH
Simultaneous silencing of multiple RB and p53 pathway members induces cell cycle reentry in intact human pancreatic islets.
BMC biotechnology, 2014;[epublish]14:86.
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