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Translational Regeneration and Stem Cell Biology

Our laboratory maintains a strong translational focus and a primary goal is to develop approaches for clinical applications of human skeletal muscle stem cells (satellite cells). Towards this end we have an active effort in preclinical studies of human satellite cell transplantation. The experiments leverage our clinical expertise and access to tissue with our scientific foundation in mouse skeletal muscle regeneration and stem cell biology. We have recently analyzed the frequency of satellite cells in diverse human muscles, and developed approaches to isolate and transplanted human satellite cells that fulfill criteria of bona-fide stem cells. We are using this robust xenograft model system to study human muscle stem cells in faithful preclinical models of limb and craniofacial muscle disorders. These preclinical studies will pave the way for development of clinical applications. We also have an active program investigating basic human and mouse muscle stem cell biology including transcriptomics, quiescence, heterogeneity and aging.